Anissa Helou’s Blogging Experience

A few days ago, Ms. Anissa Helou, an internationally known food writer, art collector,  journalist, broadcaster, and one of the leading experts on the cuisines of the Mediterranean and the Middle East visited LAU and spoke about her experience with the internet in her field of work. She spoke to us as part of our new media class about several aspects of her life. What was interesting about her use of the internet is that it is now part of her daily routine, it’s part of her job; Ms. Helou spends around 2 hours daily updating her blog, tweeting, and replying to e-mails. She made it clear to us that having a presence online is essential in her work and has helped her a lot.

What really cought my attention was the fact that Ms. Helou did not like blogging/tweeting at the begining…  just like myself (I still find tweeting in particular rather annoying). Time after time she got used to it and learned how important it is which got me motivated a bit and allowed me to give Twitter another chance.

Having guest speakers in our class is an interesting experience where we can actualy talk and discuss with people who have had experience with new media and who benefited from what we are currently learning in the class.

What would be also nice is if we have speakers who are working in the same field I’m studying (TV/Film). I’ll probably relate more to that.


5 Responses to Anissa Helou’s Blogging Experience

  1. taima2 says:

    i completely agreed with you when you mentioned we should get guests more into radio tv film, or at least more media oriented

  2. caught, karim… not cought

  3. talaosseiran says:

    kareem what you mentioned above is so true… Anissa was an intresting experience which we benefited alot from,espcially the new media thing.
    plus i loved the way you added her photo its nice

  4. eleenakorban says:

    Nice review Karim ! Very informative 😛

  5. @aymanitani says:

    what did anissa helou say during the session that struck a tone with you ? what other genres of guest speakers would you also like to see in class ?

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