How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live

I recently read an article about Twitter and how it’s going to change the way we live.

As part of an assignment, I had to answer the following questions:

1-Name three industries mentioned in article that are being dramatically changed by twitter.


a-  Hollywood (Celebrity updates…)

b- Charitable Causes

c- News (political, social…)

2- What is #hackedu 


It is a hashtag that referred to a thread that discussed education reform in Manhattan. The tweets were originally sent by people attending a conference about that subject; by doing that, they made it possible for hundreds of people to take part of the conference and the discussions occuring in it.

3- What type of content do you suggest we hashtag with #lausocial?


Anything related to LAU (events, plays, film screenings…), anything related to new media and how it is developping in the world as well as info related directly to the class of course (student projects, guest speaker questions…).


One Response to How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live

  1. eleenakorban says:

    That’s a good idea, i wish i thought of that, the dates of events and stuff, that would be really helpful and not to mention a good way to get the student body more involved in twitter since they can benefit from it too

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