Maya Zankoul Visits “LAU Social” Next Week!

Our new social media class hosts a guest speaker every once in a while to shre with us their experience in blogging, tweeting…using new media in general and how it has helped them in their work.

This week, Ayman Itani invited Maya Zankoul and asked her to be this week’s guest speaker!

We’re all very excited about it…
I want to ask her many questions when she comes… some of them are listed below… let me know if you want to ask her anything…
1- In her blog she criticizes a lot of advertising campaign, hasn’t that caused her trouble in the pst? Can it?

2-How did she discover blogging and its powers?

3-Was it easy for her to start using the web to promote her work seeing that her job is somewhat closer to new media than other jobs such as Anissa Helou’s (our previous guest speaker)?

4-Did she always use to work free lance? Did she have an office job before that lead her to choose free lance? Does her job have restrictions that she has to follow? Less restrictions than a “non-free lance” job?

5-Does she think the internet will soon be the only efficient way to advertise, share, work…

6-How long has she knew Ayman Itani? Has he had a major effect on her choosing new media to publish her work as much as he has on us? 😛

7-How much time does she spend on the internet for work purposes?


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