www.mayazankoul.com visits us!

Maya Zankoul During Her Presentation

Last Thursday graphic designer Maya Zankoul visited our new media class and shared her experience in blogging and tweeting.

What was so nice is that she uploaded her latest blog post http://mayazankoul.com/2010/03/18/a-miracle-at-lebanese-banks/ live in front of us and we saw what she does after posting it..checking out comments, “likes” on facebook..basically feedback on that post which were surprisingly quick!! I loved it..

Not that I needed it, but it was real proof that once you establish yourself online you gain a lot of “followers” as they say in “Twitterish” which makes you more motivated to keep updating your blog, twitter status…

I loved that session of #lausocial and I loved Maya’s work!

Visit www.mayazankoul.com to understand what I’m talking about and follow @mayazankoul on twitter for her latest updates!

Can’t wait for the next guest…


One Response to www.mayazankoul.com visits us!

  1. @aymanitani says:

    nice touch with the image and its visual aids helping discern who does what 😉

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