@_Ant1_ Visits #lausocial


@_Ant1_ helping out @freya89

Antoine Naaman, mostly known as @_ant1_ on Twitter payed a visit to our class this week and did a presentation about mobile phones and how we can use them  nowadays in a very different way than what we’re used to.

Honestly SMS and phone calls after these two session seem pretty stupid and out of date 😛

It’s weird how you really can do almost anything using your phone, no matter how old it is, no matter which brand..it really doesn’t matter. I don’t know if the name “phone” still applies to that device haha it seems as if the “phone” thing is just another option that device can do..

It’s cool, I like where this is going..a lot of people don’t, they stick to the “a phone is for calling and sending SMS only” theory “w bala hal fazlaket” well the “fazlaket” they’re talking about are being developped by the day and “phone calls” and “SMS” are really becoming old news..

Give technology a chance, some day you’re gonna HAVE to use it, the whole world will be.


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