Getting to Know Foursquare! sucked at first! I really hated it and didn’t understand it all that well…I found myself a bit silly after I really got into it. I jsut spent some time on the website and got used to it.

I like it, it’s interesting and fun. The mayor thing is cool..I would want to be the mayor of LAU and Hamra oh and probably LAU Fine Arts area..I think I’m gonna create that one!

Foursquare was very easy to install via blackberry…I had no problems at all I just went to and a few minutes later (because the internet is so slow) I had 4sq on my phone!

I really don’t know how business oppurtunities can arise from foursquare since I have so little friends on foursquare who I already know…I would want to know how the process it the same as twitter as in you just look around for friends of people y0u follow maybe or just happen to see a bio of someone that you find interesting and follow…I don’t know, I’ll be sure to ask that question in #lausocial.

As it turns out I have like 3 facebook friends who are on foursquare! which really sucks! Another weird thing is that 4sq found that I have 0 Twitter friends and therefore none of them are on foursquare (because they’re 0 lol)..another question for #lausocial session tomorrow.

I think I’m gonna use it everywhere I got except for when I’m at home, a friend’s place…like private places. I’ll use it just for public places where I would want/would not mind seeing people.

So yeah I really like the app…I only wish that I had more friends who are into it…who are into Twitter to start with!!!


One Response to Getting to Know Foursquare!

  1. Arthur says:

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