How Bitter My Sweet بحبّك يا وحش

How Bitter My Sweet directed by Mohamed Soueid was screened during the 6th edition of Beirut Cinema Days at Empire Sofil on September 20, 2010.

Though I thought it was a bit long, I really liked the film. It portrayed a very true image of Lebanon in the eyes of so many different immigrants. The immigrants featured were so very different from each other and lived in various parts of Lebanon and the way the film was edited and shot really makes you feel how far away they are from each other, they even talk about different experiences they’ve lived in the country; but somehown you notice how much they are alike and how much their idea of Lebanon is the same.

They all had hard experiences in the country but in a way they like it here, they don’t mind being poor or having to work so hard, they manage and I believe that it’s their spirits that’s keeping them from giving up which is somewhat beautiful and impressive.

It’s a touching story about immigrants living in Lebanon in difficult circumstances but for some reason they still love the country. What also cought my attention is the fact that the director chose to shoot the film in winter time where everything looks “rough” and “dry” in a way to symbolize the life they’re living but also the image we were seeing was a beautiful image only with harsh colors and “texture” to portray the bitter/sweet life of the immigrants.

I recommend watching the film, it’s an issue rarely discussed in films and any other type of media, it was an interesting experience watching it.


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