Supermarkets Translate!

Photo taken by @gassig and her iPhone (I hope you're satisfied with the caption!)

For those who don’t read arabic, the arabic text should translate to “Imported Red Apples” but this supermarket decided to use “Red Apple Delicious” instead.

Not only did they write a very weird phrase but they translated the word “Moustawrad” (which means imported in arabic) to english and came up with “Delicious”!

Are they also implying that anything imported is delicious? Better? I don’t think so… I guess it’s just a silly mistake, a big one actually.

But nevertheless ALWAYS support LEBANESE goods! Especially our apples! We’re famous for that!

Delicious, imported..who cares!


11 Responses to Supermarkets Translate!

  1. mamu says:

    The price and what have you aside,this apple cultivar was first discovered in the US state of washington and its official name is “washington Red Delicious” or red delicious for short , chill.

    • Didn’t know that there are apples named Red Delicious thanks!

      But it still says Red “Apple” Delicious and it’s still translated as “imported”; also, as I just learned, Red Delicious apples originated from Iowa, it just got very popular in Washington.

  2. granola bar says:

    I could not think you are more right..

  3. pat says:

    hehehe deliciouuuus:p bas eno tsc mech dekkene aw shi hehe, yea it’s expensive bas delicious :p

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  5. Mich says:

    Loool! Well spotted. And yes, I always say buy local. It supports local produce and it’s better than eating something that has been in freezers and on planes for at least three months! 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    why is 5500 for a kilo on the first place

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