Warning In Local Bathroom!

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I was in that bathroom (above) a few days ago at this very good restaurant in Beirut. The toilet seems a bit dirty and might get you not to try the food, well it kind of is dirty but the food is truly great and clean, I tend to ignore the dirtiness of the bathroom.

But what I really can never ignore is the sign above the toilet. Check the picture below for a closer look.

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The sign says “Don’t throwd tissues n d toilet bowl!!!”

To figure it out just replace “throwd” with “throw”, “n” with “in”, “d” with “the”, and “bowl” with *empty space* (toilet bowl is a technical word used to describe the lower part of the toilet…truly unnecessary and out of place in this extremely misspelled sentence). The sign should translate into “Don’t throw tissues in the toilet!!!”

It really wouldn’t be hard for them to ask someone who speaks english to write it! The place is always filled with university students and tourists!


One Response to Warning In Local Bathroom!

  1. Fuad says:

    You can also read it as “don’t throw d(the) tissues n(in) d(the) toilet bowl!” I actually find this sign very funny and reflective of the place’s general atmosphere and character.

    Take it easy, Karim!

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