Lebanon on a Cheesy Scale

September 7, 2011

!توافق، تعايش، وحدة وطنية

Ironic advertisement I spotted a few minutes outside Beirut. I wonder how they ended up together like that.


Warning In Local Bathroom!

March 28, 2011

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I was in that bathroom (above) a few days ago at this very good restaurant in Beirut. The toilet seems a bit dirty and might get you not to try the food, well it kind of is dirty but the food is truly great and clean, I tend to ignore the dirtiness of the bathroom.

But what I really can never ignore is the sign above the toilet. Check the picture below for a closer look.

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The sign says “Don’t throwd tissues n d toilet bowl!!!”

To figure it out just replace “throwd” with “throw”, “n” with “in”, “d” with “the”, and “bowl” with *empty space* (toilet bowl is a technical word used to describe the lower part of the toilet…truly unnecessary and out of place in this extremely misspelled sentence). The sign should translate into “Don’t throw tissues in the toilet!!!”

It really wouldn’t be hard for them to ask someone who speaks english to write it! The place is always filled with university students and tourists!

Always Leave a Tip

March 1, 2011

Picture borrowed from http://bit.ly/h7djSE 🙂

I recently learned something about restaurants/pubs/cafes… in Lebanon. There’s this system which most restaurants/cafes/pubs… use with their waiters and waitresses when it comes to tips.

What happens is that each waiter/waitress has to pay the restaurant a certain percentage of the bill of the table he/she is serving (usually between 2% and 5%) no matter how much the people at that table leave as tips. If a customer chose not to leave a tip for the waiter/waitress, he/she still has to pay that part of the bill; whereas if a customer leaves the average 10% to 15% tip, the waiter/waitress is safe and doesn’t have to pay out of his/her own money.

Now I don’t really know if this is something you’ve heard of and/or that everybody knows but it’s the first time I hear about it. Anyways, consider this post as a reminder for us to always leave a generous and reasonable tip wherever we go, also because some waiters/waitresses really do rely just on the tips they earn.

Enjoy your outings!

Supermarkets Translate!

February 24, 2011

Photo taken by @gassig and her iPhone (I hope you're satisfied with the caption!)

For those who don’t read arabic, the arabic text should translate to “Imported Red Apples” but this supermarket decided to use “Red Apple Delicious” instead.

Not only did they write a very weird phrase but they translated the word “Moustawrad” (which means imported in arabic) to english and came up with “Delicious”!

Are they also implying that anything imported is delicious? Better? I don’t think so… I guess it’s just a silly mistake, a big one actually.

But nevertheless ALWAYS support LEBANESE goods! Especially our apples! We’re famous for that!

Delicious, imported..who cares!