Thank You Internet Service Provider!

January 11, 2012

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My Internet connection recently stopped working at home. It was in the afternoon when it happened; so I left the house hoping it was a routine problem from the ISP and it will be fixed by the time I returned.

I returned late that night and it was still down, so I had no choice but to call the 24/7 customer service hotline they are so proud of. Here is what happened.

(KB = Me; ISP = Customer Service Hotline Staff Member) The conversation took place in Arabic.

*ring ring*

*phone is picked up* (I hear a squeaking chair sound, as if someone has jumped from his/her seat)

ISP: Hello (his voice clearly indicates he has just woken up)

KB: Hello, my internet is down and it has been down since this afternoon.

ISP: Aha, aha ok..please hold for one second.

KB: Sure.

(I hear sound of phone being put on the table)




(I hear complete silence)

I stayed on the line for 6 minutes

KB: Hello? Hello? Anyone there?

Picture Borrowed from 🙂

I hang up.

I call again and the line is busy; I tried calling for 20 minutes and the line was busy. The only logical explanation to me is that the guy fell asleep again and left the line open!

I have never had proper assistance from my ISP’s customer service hotline, it was either they don’t pick up or they can’t do anything about the problem or in this case they pick up and fall asleep while I hold.

Thank you ISP, please consider hiring 2 staff members during the night shift.

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How Bitter My Sweet بحبّك يا وحش

September 21, 2010

How Bitter My Sweet directed by Mohamed Soueid was screened during the 6th edition of Beirut Cinema Days at Empire Sofil on September 20, 2010.

Though I thought it was a bit long, I really liked the film. It portrayed a very true image of Lebanon in the eyes of so many different immigrants. The immigrants featured were so very different from each other and lived in various parts of Lebanon and the way the film was edited and shot really makes you feel how far away they are from each other, they even talk about different experiences they’ve lived in the country; but somehown you notice how much they are alike and how much their idea of Lebanon is the same.

They all had hard experiences in the country but in a way they like it here, they don’t mind being poor or having to work so hard, they manage and I believe that it’s their spirits that’s keeping them from giving up which is somewhat beautiful and impressive.

It’s a touching story about immigrants living in Lebanon in difficult circumstances but for some reason they still love the country. What also cought my attention is the fact that the director chose to shoot the film in winter time where everything looks “rough” and “dry” in a way to symbolize the life they’re living but also the image we were seeing was a beautiful image only with harsh colors and “texture” to portray the bitter/sweet life of the immigrants.

I recommend watching the film, it’s an issue rarely discussed in films and any other type of media, it was an interesting experience watching it.

Meen The Band

August 8, 2010

I attended a performance tonight at the Deir El Amar Festival (which is very poorly organized by the way) and got to see Meen The Band for the second time live.

I first saw them at the “Fête de la Musique” in Martyrs’ Square and I already had their album before and listened to it (which has a very cool cover [picture above]). I now know exactly how I feel about the band.

Honestly, my first impression when I heard the first few minutes of a song from the album was “hehe”, I thought it was kind of funny; but as I listened to their songs one after the other I thought that it is just too much and actually felt they were getting a bit silly. So I went to see the concert and I still had the same feeling, the songs were kind of meaningless and well “silly”.

If they were part of a comedy show and put all of that effort into one hillarious song and performed that song, it would have been PERFECT! But I totally disagree with having a band basing their music on things so random and meaningless.

I’m not saying that every band in the world HAS to fight for a cause or something like that not at all, it’s just that “too random” can become “too silly sometimes”.

As I said, I think Meen would fit perfectly in a comedy show; them being a “rock band” is a bit out of context I believe.

I hope I didn’t offend the band, that’s not my intention at all, I just wanted to say what I had in mind that’s all.

I fully support the band as an independant Lebanese band and wish them all the best and I will keep attending their concerts whenever I can.

Check out and follow them on twitter: @meentheband .

Looking forward for comments and discussion.