Supermarkets Translate!

February 24, 2011

Photo taken by @gassig and her iPhone (I hope you're satisfied with the caption!)

For those who don’t read arabic, the arabic text should translate to “Imported Red Apples” but this supermarket decided to use “Red Apple Delicious” instead.

Not only did they write a very weird phrase but they translated the word “Moustawrad” (which means imported in arabic) to english and came up with “Delicious”!

Are they also implying that anything imported is delicious? Better? I don’t think so… I guess it’s just a silly mistake, a big one actually.

But nevertheless ALWAYS support LEBANESE goods! Especially our apples! We’re famous for that!

Delicious, imported..who cares!


My Mustache Experience

January 3, 2011

During the Media Research Methods course at LAU, by Dr. Khaled Nasser

Professor: Do you need extra credit on your average?

Class: Yes!

Professor: Men, grow a mustache; Women, apply “henna” on your entire hand.

This project is an autoethnographic experiment.

Auto-ethnography is defined as a form of autobiographical personal narrative that explores the writer’s experience of life. In auto-ethnography the researcher becomes the primary participant/subject of the research in the process of writing personal stories and narratives.

As Dr. Nasser puts it, “The objective of this project is to stimulate you to change one simple thing in you and monitor how your life, your perceptions, the life of those around you might change because of this little change in you.”
At the end of the experiment we have to present a report of the main insights we discover about the impact of the change on ourselves and other people.

Dr. Khaled Nasser (notice how HE has a mustache... coincidence? hmm?)

I just shaved my beard and kept the mustache, and believe me it’s no “little” change! I’m going to have to explain to each person I see/meet why I’m doing this!
I sometimes forget that I now have a mustache and just burst into laughter when I see myself in the mirror.
I’ll probably get used to it since we have to keep the mustache for 20 days..what’s cool is that if it weren’t for this research project I probably would have never grown a mustache so it’s fine, I’m happy with that.

Here I am (right) Very Happy With My Normal Look

Oh and we have to update our facebook profile pictures with a picture of our new look!
So far, reactions varied from HAHAHAHAHA to complete shock, confusion, and disappointment!
I’ll publish the report by January 20, 2011 (yey! first time writing 2011..happy new year!)

Here I'm Very Sad With My Silly Mustache..Counting the days till January 20!

The Gas Heart Directed by Rayssa Kanso

October 27, 2010

LAU student Rayssa Kanso ( is putting on her theatre production (The Gas Heart written by Tristan Tzara) on November 30, 2010 at 6:00 pm in Irwin Theatre at LAU’s Beirut Campus. Rehearsals started a few days ago and we’re still in the process of reading and writing.

I am currently in the rehearsals room and we just took a break after reading the text and discussing it a bit; I still don’t know what I do in the play whether I’m acting or helping out backstage but I’m enjoying the rehearsals, the text is very interesting but also weird and pretty vague which is cool..we’re exploring it as much as we can so we can start with the blocking, characterization and so on in the coming two weeks..

Follow my tweets ( for updates about the rehearsals period as well as general info about the performance..Facebook event will be created soon..

Infinity Hours Remaining

October 6, 2010

This May Take a Few INFINITY Hours!


As I was uploading a 33 MB video on facebook I started to laugh when I saw 20 hours remaining and kept laughing as the number got bigger and bigger from 20 to 100 to 300 to 700 hours remaining until it reached “Infinity Hours Remaining” where I really did not know how to react, do I keep laughing? do I cry? do I just post it on my blog?

Well I’ll post it on my blog as a start hopefully it changes something..

Edited by Houssam Hariri and Karim Bekdache

September 30, 2010

“Actress J’s Burial night” was performed at the Lebanese American University.

The lighting was designed by alaa minawi and the video below features a glimpse of the work that was done to accomplish the design concept.

The editing of the video was made by Houssam Hariri and I.

Shankaboot Footage Leaked! #fail!

September 23, 2010

Shankaboot’s third season is still a work in progres and Shankaboot fans are waiting for its release; but someone decided to give us a sneak peak of that season and it WASN’T the Shankaboot team! A few seconds of the season were leaked from inside the office!

I think Shankaboot management should stay a tiny bit closer to their editing stations wouldn’t you say? Now the whole clip is like 10 seconds long and I don’t know how much of the new season it spoils but allowing such a thing to happen is just silly!

Anyways we miss the episodes, probably we’ll get them leaked beforehand? haha this is the REAL “Inside Shankaboot”!

How Bitter My Sweet بحبّك يا وحش

September 21, 2010

How Bitter My Sweet directed by Mohamed Soueid was screened during the 6th edition of Beirut Cinema Days at Empire Sofil on September 20, 2010.

Though I thought it was a bit long, I really liked the film. It portrayed a very true image of Lebanon in the eyes of so many different immigrants. The immigrants featured were so very different from each other and lived in various parts of Lebanon and the way the film was edited and shot really makes you feel how far away they are from each other, they even talk about different experiences they’ve lived in the country; but somehown you notice how much they are alike and how much their idea of Lebanon is the same.

They all had hard experiences in the country but in a way they like it here, they don’t mind being poor or having to work so hard, they manage and I believe that it’s their spirits that’s keeping them from giving up which is somewhat beautiful and impressive.

It’s a touching story about immigrants living in Lebanon in difficult circumstances but for some reason they still love the country. What also cought my attention is the fact that the director chose to shoot the film in winter time where everything looks “rough” and “dry” in a way to symbolize the life they’re living but also the image we were seeing was a beautiful image only with harsh colors and “texture” to portray the bitter/sweet life of the immigrants.

I recommend watching the film, it’s an issue rarely discussed in films and any other type of media, it was an interesting experience watching it.