What Does New Media Mean to Bashar, Nayla and Rayssa? Project 2 Analysis

May 18, 2010

What we know about “new” media today is basically the newer forms of media today which generally involve the internet and new mobile technologies being developed nowadays; the new ways of communication.

In this project we were asked to interview three people from different age groups and compare their answers regarding new media and what they know about it, if they like it, how often do they use it… I actually chose three people from the same age group because they really had different answers and the fact that they’re from the same age group makes it acceptable to compare.

Rayssa: her knowledge about new media is limited to the tools that are very popular in Lebanon these days such as facebook and myspace..she’s more or less an active user but I did not feel that she makes it a point to stop and make time for the internet, whenever there’s time she’s online.

Bashar: he’s more aware of new media as a concept and understands perfectly what it is used for and how it is growing and where it might lead to. he’s an active user online and realizes the importance of new media today and knows that it will benefit him in the future.

Nayla: she is very much aware about the popular tools we use in Lebanon and is an active user online but what is very interesting about her is that she doesn’t think about new media as something more than just fun and believes she can easily let go and not have it in her life.

I thought that Rayssa, Nayla and Bashar were a perfect example of people who are aware of new media (moderate), couldn’t care less if it existed or not (passive), and really into new media and understand the system perfectly (active) respectively.

They all knew about it that’s for sure, what is different is there approach to it and how they deal with it. They all use almost the same tools as each other as well.

To record the videos I used my cell phone, I transferred them to my computer, uploaded them to youtube and thus they’re shared with everyone.

I used Adobe Premiere just to edit out the beginning of one video. I found no difficulties in editing.

The easiest thing about the whole thing was obviously the shooting part and the hardest thing was the subtitles; it took a HUGE amount of time!!!

My favourite part of the project was knowing how other people felt about new media and what they knew about it. My least favourite part was the SUBTITLES!!!