Project 2 forĀ #lausocial

April 30, 2010

What is new media to us? to the people around us?
well the #lausocial team is heading to find out!
We’re choosing three different people from different background, age group…and asking them each 5 questions about new media and what they know about it.

All of that will be documented through our camera phones..the videos will then be uploaded to our own youtube channel which we will be creating soon in class.

Pretty interesting project I believe..I really hope I don’t get stupid answers from people :S

The people I chose to interview are:

1-Rayssa, early 20’s, LAU communication arts major. She’s involved in new media in a way but isn’t that active. I want to find out more about that.

2-Annie, late 30’s, one of the studio staff at LAU. I chose Annie because she is very up to date with the latest technologies in the world and knows everything about it. I would want to know how mucch she knows about new media since her source of info about these technologies are from the internet I suppose.

3-Lina, early 40’s, stage director. I recently talked to Lina about new media and she seems interested. It would be interesting to have this conversation with her and see if she tries to use new media in her field of work in any way.

I will be focusing on 5 basic questions to ask each interviewee, I am sure other questions will come up during the interview but the following 5 are what my interviews will be based on:

1-What does new media mean to you? What goes under new media in your opinion?

2-Are you up to date with new media tools that exist in our world today? How often do you use them and for what reason if any?

3-Can you use new media in your field of work? If so, do you think it is a plus or a necessity?

4-Do you think there is more to facebook than just tagging photos and commenting on each other’s silly wall posts? Or is it truly just a huge waste of time?

5-How is new media different from “older” media? Which one do you think has a bigger impact on people? Do you think “new media” is just a phase? Will it replace the normal things we’re used to or will it be an addition to them?

I hope the interviews go well..
If you think I can talk with different types of people that could make my project more interesting please feel free to comment!