This Halloween, I’m an iPad!

November 19, 2011

This halloween I decided to dress up as an iPad, and I did. Check out below, the many characters I met this year.

Here I am, as you can see my face is not visible. The plan was to be just an iPad floating around, hope it worked.

And the night begun…

Wednesday from The Addams Family was my date for the evening!

Winnie was fun to meet! He came with Barney.

Bill from Kill Bill kept threatening to cut the iPad in half with his samurai sword throughout the night.

The Queen of Hearts and V from "V from Vendetta" were very cool to hang out with!

This Bavarian Lady is as fun as she seems to be!

Matilda from "Leon" was scary to be with 🙂 you'll see Leon in a bit!

A Japanese Geisha was there too!

Here he is, this is Leon to my right and Almaza Beer to my left (that's what she claims to be at least).

I ran into Angry Monkey as we were taking a walk in Gemayzeh.

Army Woman was weird to meet, luckily she had her body guard with her at all times, too many wackos that night!

The Chef made me a sandwich to recharge my battery!

Gelsomina from "La Strada" came all the way to Beirut just to party with us that night! She wasn't very happy though...

Group Photo before we went home: (Left to Right) Wednesday, Almaza Beer, Some Sort of Weird Bird, Leon, Matilda, Geisha & iPad

That was about it, we had fun, I enjoyed my iPad costume, we met some nice people, and went back home. Happy Halloween everyone!

Happy Halloween!